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Ideas for a DeLIGHTful Kitchen

Aside from natural light, when doing daily tasks such as meal preps and cooking entails a good kitchen lighting system. Your kitchen serves not just as a place for putting together food but also for entertaining and dining. A balance of brightness and aesthetics are to be considered to create the ideal ambiance. Carefully deliberate with your contractor what lighting system is recommended for your kitchen to be well lit. Walkthrough some light features and ideas to make your kitchen a deLIGHTful one.

Ambient Lighting

This is your major light source for the whole room. It can be an addition to the natural light coming from the windows or to compensate for its lack of it.  You’ll want your main lights to be even as possible – hitting all the areas of the room. There are many options in doing so with combinations of pendant lights, recessed lighting, or chandeliers.

       Pendant lights can act as statement pieces besides their primary job. Placing it above a table where you eat can distinguish the space for dining and the work zone. Plenty of Kitchen Design San Antonio options are available such as old school and shiny copper finishes for an industrial look or ceramic that stands out in its translucent hues. You can position them over your kitchen islands to add interest and calm your cabinets’ flinty lines.

       Recessed lights, also known as downlights, are installed like dimples on your ceiling. It gives the impression that there is light shining - coming from the hollow opening above. It shines a broad floodlight throughout the room.

Task Lighting

Even when the ambient lights are on, it is unavoidable to have shadows or dead spots in some areas. Usually, these parts of the room are what require more lighting. The solution to this is task lighting - to properly provide illumination for your workstations. These are convenient for reading recipes, preparing meals safely, and spotting items on countertops easily. It is typically positioned under your cabinets to defeat shadows.

Accent Lighting

Adding highlights on particular areas can increase presence and set up the mood of your kitchen. It helps accentuate the elements you want to stick out.

       Recessed lights are refined outlying lighting fixtures that can fit in any place. Place it right over open shelves or glass cabinets to create somewhat a visual diversion.

       Toe-kick lights can bring out a whole different ambiance to your kitchen. These LED lights highlight the edges by outlining coves or crown molding and toe kicks around your islands.

       Over cabinet lights are positioned between your cabinets and ceiling; this conveys a dramatic touch to your kitchen just like under cabinet lights do. Accent lights like this can brighten décor and the interior design of your kitchen. 

Focus on coming up with balance and the right layers of a good lighting system. With strategic placement, it can also fool one’s eyes into thinking you have a spacious kitchen. If you need more ideas, Kitchen lighting San Antonio has the experience and experts to give your professional advice to help you with your lighting and Kitchen Remodeling San Antonio

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