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Kitchen Equipment Installation Checklist

One of the last steps in your kitchen renovation is bringing in the appliances. After painting, laying the flooring, installing cabinetry, and placing countertops, installing our kitchen equipment is time. You must have a checklist ready so that the installation will go as smoothly as planned. Keep track of when your deliveries are coming and if the materials properly work. Avoid surprises and mishaps by following your checklist.

1.  Assess electrical, mechanical, and gas lines

New kitchen equipment may require additional wiring or rewiring. You should hire a licensed electrician to do the electrical work. Knowing the utility requirements can determine if new equipment will work or not. Moving appliances and adding new ones requires electrical work. Consult with your remodeling contractor about what equipment best fit the design layout.

2.  Dimensions

Now that you know what equipment is needed for the remodeling, you must consider the specific dimensions. If you pictured your French Door Refrigerator perfectly fitted by your cabinetry, but you forgot to measure if it would fit through your doors, this is a problem. Either you replace your refrigerator or force your way in. Added labor costs and repairs will happen if you remove the doors.  

3.  Purchase and Delivery

With the dimensions checked, you can now shop for Kitchen Equipment San Antonio based on the design plan. Go to a retail store that offers excellent deals. Look for the equipment you have in mind if they have it available and up for delivery. You must also have the dates of installation ready to avoid complications.

4.  Timing of Installation

Decide with your contractor what are the exact dates for the installation. Prepare ahead of time to avoid poorly organized deliveries. Set a realistic time frame for the tasks needed to be accomplished during the installation process.

Kitchen Install San Antonio

5.  Warranty

Once everything has been installed, fill out the warranty cards and register your appliances to get the most out of your purchase. Enjoy the service that comes along with the warranty card.

6.  Packing Up

Make sure unpacking was done right without leaving packing materials such as tape around vents or whatnot. Immediately collect and dispose of the packaging properly. Inspect if the equipment is correctly installed, having the appropriate space it requires.

7.  Try them out

Turn on the appliances to test if they work fine or any missing pieces from the installation. If everything’s swell, then congratulations! You can now enjoy your kitchen remodel with your picture-perfect equipment. Also, keep in mind that the proper use of equipment prolongs its life. Teach your family adequate handling for appliances so that you get to take more advantage of your equipment longer.

Keep this handy checklist so that you know what to expect when you reach this stage. Always stay one step ahead so that the project runs smoothly without a hitch. Renovating can be a long stressful process, but it is worth every bit. Keep your place in tip-top shape with a stress-free renovation. Kitchen install San Antonio can help you with any of your Kitchen Remodeling San Antonio needs. They bring experience and expertise that meets your demands.

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