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Save Money on Kitchen Remodeling

One of the most expensive areas of the house to remodel is your kitchen, considering the material and labor costs. But do not worry, your dream kitchen is still possible. There are affordable kitchen remodels that don’t break the bank. You have to know what you want and research low-cost ideas so you can renovate on a budget.

Come up with a major plan

Remodeling is a serious project whether you're painting the cabinets or replacing the countertops. Hire a professional designer to create a design plan to save you money and time in the long run. By doing so, you’re dodging expensive errors in the future. This is the time you decide and come up with everything. Kitchen Remodeling San Antonio tend to cost more when the homeowner is still undecided from choosing products or changing paint colors during the remodeling.

Keep the same piping layout

One sure thing that can drive up your budget is changing the whole kitchen layout. A drastic change costs more. If you plan on moving your sink, your refrigerator, or your dishwasher, this involves hiring a plumber. Added punch holes to run new pipes, which means more costs of labor and materials.  

Why not Save the Cabinets?

Relax, not changing the cabinets can still make a difference. Just change the doors. Purchasing new cabinets eats 30% of the average kitchen remodel expense. If your cabinets are still in good shape, you can save much just by repainting or refinishing.  Another smart move is by refacing them. Replace all the doors and drawer fronts and apply new veneers. It may cost more than repainting, but it would totally change the look of it. You can also try open shelving, which is popular these days in going for a modern look. Set aside your allotted budget on your custom cabinets for something in the kitchen that needs more attention.


Expect 15% of the remodeling cost from getting new appliances. You don’t have to replace everything. Tossing out good old working ones is a bad move. If you think your new refrigerator won’t match your perfectly old dishwasher, consider painting it. There are special appliance paints with colors like stainless steel and many more options to choose from. Also, when buying a new appliance, think about the long-term cost. Go for energy-efficient appliances. They may come off as pricey upfront, but you’ll be saving a lot in the long run.  

Lighting and Flooring

Better Kitchen Lighting San Antonio can add more elegance to your kitchen. Look for affordable hanging lights that suit your taste. Aside from lighting, the floors can make or break your kitchen look. Always match the kitchen with your flooring. If you have wooden floors, refinishing can work magic and save you some dime rather than replacing it.

Kitchen remodels don’t have to be costly. Working with a skilled and experienced professional contractor can give you your best bang for the buck rather than doing everything yourself. Affordable Kitchen Remodel San Antonio is here for you with the best services to save money for a rewarding kitchen remodel.

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