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7 Tricks By San Antonio Kitchen Remodeling Experts to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

1.  It’s All About the Color Palette

Choosing a light color scheme can brighten up the kitchen. Different shades of white such as creams, off-whites, or light gray can create a sense of openness, making the room look wider. Using dark colors can make the room look small and crowded. A bold visual contrast does not work well with a small kitchen. Experts say that keeping the walls light gives an optical illusion of a spacious room. Some even opt for an all-white venture with walls and cabinetry of the same color.

2.  Add Clever Lighting

Think of the proper strategic placement for your overall Kitchen Lighting San Antonio and task lighting. The color of your walls and finishes impacts when the lights hit them, so choose the appropriate hue that would complement the areas. Place decorative and undercabinet lights. It can open the space as well and make your kitchen sophisticated.         

3.  Glass Cabinet Doors

Conceal outdated cabinets with new doors. Matching your Kitchen Cabinets San Antonio doors with the color of your walls can add a solid feel to the kitchen. But if you want more eye travel, replace your cabinet doors with glass ones. When the light hits the glass, reflection can make it seem more expansive and, not to mention, fancy. Always keep your cabinetry organized, or else it’ll just defeat the purpose of the whole illusion.

4.  An Open Floor Space

Consider slimming down your kitchen furniture. Discard space-devouring objects that can be replaced with slenderer furnishings like little islands, slimmer chairs, and narrow tables. Don’t waste your money buying chunky furniture with thick legs or bases. Big furniture just crowds the place.

5.  High Ceiling

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to alter the height of the ceiling from your floors. That could cost more. Just embrace optical illusion by drawing the eye’s attention upward. Vertical patterns and visual elements can direct the gaze toward the ceiling. Look for more techniques for creating patterns that can elongate the height of your roof. Decorating with lines can make a smoother and sleeker look.

6.  Decorate wisely

After you have established a well-designed kitchen layout, apply decorative touches that can amplify your personality to it. Pick accessories and kitchenware that can bounce off light. If you’re not a fan of metallics, at least try to experiment on a few and see how it will turn out.

7.  Hide your stuff

Besides your kitchen design, making the room feel big depends on how well you discipline yourself in keeping things organized. Avoid crowding the counter and shelves with clutter. Having too many unsightly things scattered around will make the room seem small. Leave standout pieces and necessities in the open to make it look homier.

Creative project ideas are inspiring for making a kitchen look roomier. Applying the tricks mentioned can create the impression that you wish. San Antonio kitchen remodeling experts can lead your kitchen to a more polished and tailored-looking. Consult with experts and get more practical advice for more kitchen ideas.

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