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Kitchen Color Scheme Handout

The Kitchen Remodeling San Antonio can also be an inviting, relaxing place if you make it into one. It doesn’t have to be strictly just for your cooking needs. Deliver your personality and style that can reflect in your home. What type of kitchen do you want? A cozy and comfortable kitchen? An open, airy one? Or perhaps a futuristic look? Whatever it is you have in mind, your starting point is establishing the right color palette. You can go bold on the choices of colors or take on a classic look; a small dose of color goes a long way.

Kitchen Paint San Antonio

  1. If you’ve already thought about what type of cabinetry you’ll be having, then you probably thought of the color as well. What color of the wall can match the cabinets you picked out? Even the slightest tint of your walls can transform a dull space in the room without affecting the overall ambiance.

  1. Think about bringing color with your lighting fixtures. It doesn’t have to be eye-catching vibrant colored pendants. Sometimes, quiet pieces are what make the room more attractive. Match your pendants with gold, black, or bronze finishing to your industrial type of kitchen. Also, gold can get away with anything. Gold light fixtures can give more depth to the color palette.

    • Study the basic concepts of color so that you know how to work with cool and warm tones. If you know the appropriate color temperature of the colors you want, it’ll be easy to coordinate it with your Kitchen Cabinets San Antonio and countertops. Make sure to not go too warm on your tones. Learn about undertones as well. Observe how to paint undertones that can coincide with other variations.

  1. If you’ve done your homework, it’s time to have fun with what you learned about. Keep an open mind in having a pop of color in your kitchen. It can be a statement wall or colorful accessories that can freshen up the place. Having a vibrant color will not do much harm and enhance a unique style.

  1. Try gray colored walls if you haven't explored the dark side. A different setup from your colorful life is to have gray or gray-blue tones in your cool kitchen. Warm grays work well with dark cabinets and flooring. Then again, don’t overdo it. Since they are most popular these days, a whole street in your neighborhood might have gray kitchens. Just know how to play around with other elements or opt for neutral features.

Kitchen Paint San Antonio

In picking your color scheme, consider the adjoining rooms along with your options. You can mix and match your decorations and even dinnerware with the colors of your kitchen. You can tie up the paint colors with other pieces like kitchen linens and other accessories to have a consistent look. You might be overwhelmed with the concepts to consider in creating a flowing color scheme. Exploring wide color options and being open to new creative combinations can ensure a more cohesive cooking space. You can rely on Kitchen paint San Antonio with the services you need in your renovation.

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