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Popular Kitchen Themes You Might Want to Try

Planning about your Kitchen Remodeling San Antonio has got you unsure of what theme to settle in. Making your kitchen stand out might turn into an eyesore, so best keep it unified with the rest of the house. A functional room with unmovable fixtures is still workable with suitable decorations that can make a seamless, fabulous kitchen. Decide on a plan that incorporates its features where it can look well and put together.

Nothing Beats the Classic

One of the most popular themes for kitchens is the traditional type. Expect medium to dark wood tones all over the room. It’s mostly hardwood, but you can also pull it off with tiles. You’ll have cream-colored cabinetry with corbels and modeling embellishments, and the windows have fringe trim curtains. The lighting usually is all about chandeliers that give you French or English vibes. You can never go wrong with a classic-themed kitchen as it remains elegant and timeless.

Industrial Modern

A stainless and industrial theme quickly comes to mind when you think of a contemporary-style kitchen. It’s what most homeowners choose to remodel and move on from their old kitchen. Advanced and sleek-looking appliances come with the look. The cabinet doors are usually smooth and flat colored with a dark tone. Everything is precise, like copper countertops with sharp edges and architectural light fixtures. To add to the industrial feels, you can put a restaurant-style faucet. The color scheme usually plays around bronze and black with walls of concrete finishes or brick patterns. It doesn’t need much decorating as the cool kitchen features speak for themselves.

More Chic, Less Shabby

A comfortable, practical theme, shabby chic is right for you if you’re a fan of vintage luxury. While some prefer modern style kitchens, others still fancy a shabby characteristic for a kitchen. You’ll love the rustic accents that give off a unique personality from distressed or weathered wood cabinets with light-colored walls. Be fierce and break conventions with this kitchen by incorporating touches of cozy, culture, and vintage altogether. Combine ruffled seat covers with your whitewashed tables and chairs.  Show off your expensive floral china on your floating island. And for your centerpiece, use a galvanized metal pitcher as a vase with fresh flowers.

Transitional Kitchen

If you can’t make up your mind about remodeling your kitchen into a modern or traditional style, a transitional kitchen is perfect for you. It’s a blend of both worlds, and it takes away the expected Kitchen Design San Antonio that most homeowners get. If you can’t imagine what it looks like, think of eccentric mixed with elegance. Geometric clean lines for your countertops and cabinetry with traditional lighting fixtures above it. Neutral and earth tones mirror a bold yet welcoming vibe. 

There are many more themes available to consider. Step out of your comfort zone. Research on what goes with what, and do not be afraid to play with contrasting styles. No matter what theme you have in mind, the best kitchen remodel in San Antonio is here to fulfill your kitchen goals.

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