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Kitchen Equipment Must-Haves for Your Remodel

In having a functional kitchen, you must have the finest equipment you can get your hands on. And don’t worry, finest doesn’t have to mean expensive. You need to be thorough in choosing the right equipment that will pay back your money’s worth.  Prioritize quality over style. Look for equipment that is durable and fits your budget. Perhaps you want a chef’s kitchen, but you have to break the bank for it. There are commercial-grade appliances that perform just as well. Also, familiarize yourself with the equipment you lack from your old kitchen.

Cooking Equipment

Your family’s lifestyle needs and how you want to entertain guests may dictate what cooking equipment you should get. More homeowners prefer equipment that offers all-in-one setups. Most believe it’s more practical, while some might think it’s too much. 

       Space Saver Oven - Conserves space and can hold full-size pans.

       Convection Oven- Cooks food quickly and evenly with its fan and exhaust system that regular ovens lack. It is         energy-efficient, as well.

       Ranges with charbroilers – If you’re a fan of grilled meat and seafood, this gas range is ideal for you.

       Commercial electric ranges – Instead of gas, this type of range uses electricity. In most cases, it performs better than gas ranges. There are even ranges that are both gas and electric.

Food Preparation Equipment

For efficient operation on your food preparation, there are specific appliances and tools to get the job done. Having these in your kitchen will help make your tasks easier and faster to accomplish.

Get yourself a food processor. It would be helpful in chopping and grinding vegetables. You can even make pastes and sauces with it.

Blenders are a staple in a kitchen. For mixing, emulsifying, or liquifying food. Make your healthy smoothies with it or cold drinks perfect for a hot day.

A mixer is a baker’s best friend. Whip eggs, prepare icing, make cake batter - a mixer will not disappoint.


Another essential purchase for your kitchen is a refrigerator. Commit only to what’s right for you, and don’t get overwhelmed with added features that may seem too fancy.

Top Freezer Refrigerator

Ideal for small kitchens, a top freezer refrigerator is an affordable choice. There are modern designs such as stainless-steel finishing that are fingerprint-resistant. Bright colors and different laminate patterns are available, as well.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

It is suited for those who reach for the fridge compartment more often than the freezer. At eye-level, getting items from the fridge compartment is more convenient. This type can be seen in more kitchens these days as homeowners find it fitting and ergonomic.

Built-in Refrigerator

Intended for your kitchen layout, a built-in refrigerator provides a seamless finish together with your Kitchen Cabinets San Antonio. Consult with your designer for the dimensions needed before purchasing one.

Side-by-side Refrigerator

With your fridge compartment on one side and your freezer on the other, this refrigerator allows easy access to your food items quickly and effortlessly. With its generous capacity, it can accommodate food items of a larger household. You can pick a stainless-steel finish or a glass door; both fit for a sleek and elegant look.

There you have it! Always choose your equipment that is for preference and practicality. Kitchen equipment San Antonio can help you decide what types and styles work best with your kitchen remodel layout.  

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