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All You Need to Know About Cabinets

You’ve decided to remodel your kitchen, and now you’re thinking about what types of cabinets will go with the Kitchen Design San Antonio you have in mind. Choosing the right cabinet is one of the most critical decisions in Kitchen Remodeling San Antonio. Before diving into aesthetics, quality is the top priority in the selection of cabinetry. Ask yourself. Is this functional? Is this durable? Since you’re replacing them, better get it right this time.

Door Profile and Style

Cabinet doors have profiles as it’s the first thing people notice in the kitchen. A beautiful cabinet sends an instant impression to sight. Learn about the different types of cabinets so that you’ll know what suits you.

       Flat-Panel Doors – Simple yet stylish, flat panel kitchen doors or sometimes referred to as “slab” - are adored by minimalists. With its hard lines and clean look, go with a variety of kitchen designs. If you’re going for a traditional style, opt for wood tones; for contemporary style, select a dark, cool paint color.

       Raised Panel Doors – Fall into a more formal design of kitchens and mostly applied in traditional style. The cabinet comprises a center panel and an outer rim, making it look like it’s carved in one large plank.

       Recessed Panel Doors – The cabinet door has a center panel slightly depressed and lower than the door frame. Often built with solid wood, the panels are veneer for it to be thin enough to sit inside the recessed area.

       Shaker Cabinets – These are the most common style of cabinetry. Its simple and classic appearance makes it flexible to any design theme. Cherry, maple and quarter sawn oak are some types of wood commonly used for this cabinet.

       Louvered – With horizontal or vertical fixed wooden slats to provide ventilation, it makes them aesthetic and functional. Though it comes with a hefty price tag, it adds a unique style to your kitchen.

       Distressed – Perfect for that antique-style kitchen, distressed cabinets can go with any door style. There are techniques done to give that sense of the vintage look.

       Custom – If you’ve seen it all and still haven’t made up your mind on what to get, just customize your cabinets. Contact your designer and discuss your thoughts and ideas for your personalized cabinetry. 

Organized Functional Cabinets

Now that you’ve laid hold of ideas about door profiles and styles, it’s time to think about convenience and usability. Drawers in lower cabinets make it easier to store and reach for things. Do you want to install cabinet organizers and customized pull-outs for utensils, spices, and dishes? Oh, and have you heard of drawers shutting on its own? Soft-close cabinet hardware creates that smooth and quiet self-closing motion.


Storage is essential in the kitchen. As much as you can, maximize every inch of the room. Install cabinets in your kitchen island or come up with hidden stations. Another thing is to think about having more space to do work. Avoid crowding your kitchen with bulky furniture or unnecessary decors.

If you need more advice on cabinets for your kitchen upgrades, contact Kitchen cabinets San Antonio and have experts help you with your worries and concerns.  

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