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Top Picks for Your Kitchen Floors

In choosing what kitchen floors to get, reflect on practicality and durability. Aside from your floors being one of the major statements in the room, it should handle heavy spills, stains, and foot traffic. The floors should also match every element of design in the room. Types of materials, colors, and textures can affect the cohesive look of the Kitchen Remodeling San Antonio. Check out these options that meet performance and resilience for affordable kitchen flooring.


    Best liked by many homeowners, this type of kitchen flooring is the easiest to install. Its materials compose of fiberglass, felt, and dyes. Of all materials, it is one of the most inexpensive and easy to clean. Its resilient surface is not hard on the feet, however, if not taken care of, scratches can easily transpire. With a variety of styles and colors, you can choose tiles or sheets. If you’re tight on budget, opt for a sheet. Sheet vinyl floors are waterproof. Spills can be cleaned in a snap with damp mopping. Installing this type of flooring is unchallenging. 


    Probably the most inexpensive flooring materials of all. Its material can keep up with other expensive ones in the market. It can be fabricated to look like hardwood or stone. However, it is not the most durable. Though some manufacturers can promise resistance to stains and scratches, the layers between planks are susceptible to water damage. If you have an extra budget for water-resistant laminate, it is possible. On the bright side, it’s still a good alternative if you want to mimic hardwood finishing or any other wood-look patterns.


    An eco-friendly choice, this type of material is made from a mix of natural biodegradable ingredients like linseed oil, wood dust, and limestone. It doesn’t contain harmful volatile organic compounds that may cause health issues. Just like Laminate floors, Linoleum can impersonate the looks of real tile and hardwood. Not to mention other colorful Kitchen Design San Antonio and patterns available for your preference. The downside is it is not as durable as laminate and vinyl floorings. They can be damaged with moisture and can simply fade from sunlight exposure. On the upside, it delivers comfort for its cushioned impression, unlike laminates and hardwood that has rigid feels to the feet.

Ceramic Tile

This flooring has the most payoff for its hard wearing surface. It can last just as long as the premium tiles. Just make sure the tiles are properly installed for easy cleanup in the future. Grout lines are a hassle to clean if not sealed carefully and are likely to trap dirt and stains. With the right aspects, ceramic tiles can give an expensive and elegant visual impression. Expect dishes to shatter when you drop them on this hard surface.


If you’re aiming for low-maintenance and durable flooring, Hardwood is the king of all. Correctly finished hardwood can resist moisture from accidental splashes; however, spills must be wiped with a mop immediately. These floors are perfect for an open floor plan or if you’re going for a single type of flooring that extends to other adjoining rooms. It is a combination of warmth and beauty. You can choose from solid wood or engineered wood planks.

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