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Design Trends to Include on Your Kitchen Remodel

Like in fashion, some elements never go out of style, and some trends come back from time to time. Kitchens have changed a lot through these passing years. An efficient kitchen is still what people settle for to date. What continues to transform is the technology where materials and Kitchen Equipment San Antonio never fail to impress and perform. Homeowners prefer to combine functionality and aesthetics with a lot of space for family bonding and productive task completion. There are several kitchen trends to ponder on and use as inspiration for your Kitchen Remodeling San Antonio project.

  • Brilliant Interior Storage Solution

Basic shelves and ready-made cabinets are common in houses. That’s why homeowners opt for custom-made. There are many things to store in the kitchen that you don’t want to leave lying around. Usually, customary cabinets exist with a lot of wasted space. Designers have come up with practical solutions to counter these space nuisances. To mention are appliance garages, drawers and tray dividers, pull-outs for different spices making and storing food conveniently. Multipurpose island units, pop-up shelves, and a hidden station keep things conveniently neat and tidy.

  • Kitchen and Outdoor Links

Homeowners liked the idea of connecting their kitchens to the outdoors. A huge window or entry points from the kitchen to the outside patio is a thing now. You might want to install glass doors to have easy access from the exterior part of the house. By doing so, creates an open-air feel to your kitchen.  Another idea of including the great outdoors is by adding live plants. Hints of green, the color of life, can add vibrancy and bring alive your dull blank kitchen.

  • Textures and Colors

There’s a growing love for metals and steel with how dramatic the texture can complement other elements in the kitchen. If incorporated correctly, it brings out character to the room. From light fixtures to faucets, having the same subtle metal can give a well-designed look. These pieces can stand out and match your modern-style kitchen. For countertops, quartz is a material that lasts forever. Colors such as gray, cream, and taupe are popular for a cleaner design. Such a color palette can be easily played around with - matching different elements and textures that appear consistent and unified.

  • Smart kitchens

Yes, kitchens can be smart too. Technology integrated appliances of refrigerators, lighting, and even faucets have been prevailing in kitchen remodels. As one of the biggest trends, hi-tech kitchens are fully efficient, making cooking and tidying up look cooler and more convenient. With refrigerators that inform you if you’re running out of groceries, motion sense faucets, and smart coffee makers and lights that you can control on your smartphone make kitchen tasks more fun and exciting.

Simplicity, though safe, is still a trend for a dated kitchen. Simple is fresh. An effortless look of streamlined designs and materials are what you should go for on the dot. Daring and dark colors can come off as simple if one knows how to balance the kitchen design. These trends serve as inspiring and helpful ideas for your kitchen renovation.  

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